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Exilis Ultra before & after treatment photos

The latest weapon in our anti-aging and body-sculpting arsenal is Exilis, an FDA-approved technology. Exilis Ultra uses radio frequency waves to simultaneously tighten skin and reduce fat. Heat from the radio frequency waves both stimulates collagen for a tauter, smoother skin, and at the same time targets fat cells virtually anywhere on the body.

What parts of the face and body can Exilis Ultra be used on?

Pretty much everywhere! Exilis Ultra can be used to tighten the skin around the eyes or on the chest area, and to sculpt jawlines, chests, arms, bellies, even thighs and buttocks.

How many sessions will I need? How long will it take to see improvement?

That depends. Optimal results may require several sessions, depending on the patient and body area to be treated, but Exilis Ultra can lead to dramatic improvement in skin appearance and actual, visible decrease in circumference measurements around the arms and thighs. Many people notice some immediate improvement, but in most cases final results are seen in a few weeks.

Does it hurt?

Exilis Ultra non-invasive technology combines heating and cooling, which prevents overheating of the skin and ensures patient comfort throughout the procedure. Sessions usually last between 20-30 minutes. In the vast majority of cases, there is no pain associated with the procedure. A few patients may notice temporary redness in the treated areas, but otherwise there are no known side effects. People resume their usual activities immediately after treatment.